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  Tibnors Webbshop


Tibnor’s webshop provides easy access to the market’s widest range of in-stock steel and metals. You can purchase both materials and production services when it suits you. If you would just like to browse our product catalogues and list prices, click on the links on the left. In order to place items in your shopping cart you must register as a Tibnor e-commerce customer. You can also make your own offers and see your own prices.​

No loading of sheet metal on 1-2 October

We are rebuilding our warehouse and production plant in Köping. On 1-2 October, this will unfortunately mean that we do not have the opportunity to pick material at all stations.
It is the picking of cold-rolled and coated sheets with thickness of 0.5 mm - 3 mm, which can not be done these days.
Deliveries that can not be delivered to the 30/9 must supply 6 to 7 October depending on the route schedule.
The reason that we rebuild at Sjötullen in Köping is to make room for the new laser machines. At 1-2 October we will perform routing of electrical wires and this means that we are not able to pick material at this particular station.

List price = Price excluding quantity supplements, packaging, certificate and shipping according to our conditions of sale.

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